REVIEW: Ravenous 4

The Ravenous saga concludes with this four-part boxset, which features the epic combination of one Doctor, two companions, four Masters and the Eleven. Beware: this review will contain spoilers for all of the stories, so be sure to have listened to the set before you scroll any further. Seriously, you do not want this spoiled … Continue reading REVIEW: Ravenous 4

The Diary of River Song Series 5 Review

The fifth series of "The Diary of River Song" is out, and it sees River face the Doctor's oldest enemy... four times over! But will this release be as Masterful as its premise sounds? Read on to find out. 1. "The Bekdel Test" by Jonathan Morris This is Michelle Gomez's first appearance as Missy for Big Finish, and what better way to bring her back than to team her up with the indomitable Alex Kingston?  Set in a mysterious prison complex from which River … Continue reading The Diary of River Song Series 5 Review

The War Master: The Master of Callous Review

The War Master is back, in this brand new boxset of audio adventures from Big Finish! Will The Master of Callous manage to replicate the brilliance of the first set? Read on to find out. The second War Master boxset is a departure from the first in that it tells one extended story, rather than four individual ones. This is a welcome break from the norm, allowing characters to be fleshed out and for more time to be given to smaller events that might have been cut had … Continue reading The War Master: The Master of Callous Review